March 18, 2020

Imperial College Study of COVID-19

This study appears to be what has driven the decision process behind how the UK and US plan to handle COVID-19.    They are trying to reach herd immunity as quickly as possible, similar to how some places dealt with the 1918 flu pandemic.   It appears to be a trade-off between saving the banking system/global corporations vs. people's lives, and they have chosen to the greed over people.  The key graph from this report can is this one:

American's had their chance to have a nationalized health care system, which started under the Truman administration but instead opted overtime for a privatized system.   Health care and capitalism do not mix because your health can impact someone else.

For example, if you cannot afford a pair of shoes, you can go without, wait for another time, etc.  But if you have a medical issue, either a broken arm or a viral infection, you can't just put it off.   Especially in the case of a viral infection, getting tested early matter, yet if you can not afford it, you will not have it done, and increase the chance of infecting others.